Adult Ed Class of 2024 Boasts Triple-Digit Graduates


"You are truly special because you have your own individual talents. You owe it to yourself, your family, and the world to develop these talents to the best of your ability. The decision you made to go back and earn this diploma will surely change your future for the better."

So began the 2024 Adult Education Commencement with words of inspiration and encouragement from Post 1 Board Member Randy Scamihorn. More than 110 adult students earned their High School Equivalency or ESL degree and over half of them arrived at South Cobb's Performing Arts Center the morning of June 15 to walk across the stage and celebrate their accomplishment with friends and family.


"Continue to prepare yourself for life and accept the challenges that come your way and the hardships will be fewer and the rewards will be even greater. It's been my privilege and pleasure to speak with you. Best of luck in all you do!" Mr. Scamihorn concluded his opening remarks to cheers and applause of agreement.

Two students—Anthony Pegram Holmes and Madelaine Zerpa—had the honor of representing their classmates and reflecting on their Adult Ed experience. Mersadiz Colvin was awarded the prestigious Director's Award by Adult Ed Instructor Cheryl James


Patria Brown, Class of 2023 graduate and current Student of the Year for Georgia, delivered a touching keynote address for the ceremony. "This moment means so much to me," Ms. Brown said. "I was sitting right where you are just last year, and I know what it took to get there. It reminds me of one word: Perseverance. And as I stand before you today, all of us together can say: 'We are perseverance.'"

Rewarding that persistence and dedication came next as each graduate heard their name called and received their diploma. It was a celebration of many different individuals with unique stories who sacrificed and put in the hard work to make their dream a reality.


Two others were also honored at the ceremony: recently retired Director Francia Browne was recognized for over two decades of service to the Cobb Adult Ed program and GED Chief Examiner Cindy Miller was given the Staff Director's Award.


As the ceremony ended with the traditional tassel turn, the graduates were given a standing ovation and lots of love from everyone in the auditorium. They filed out single file, victoriously holding the degree they decided to pursue and knowing that they have what it takes to meet life challenges head-on.

Congratulations to the Class of 2024! We know this is only the beginning of the next phase in your life and can't wait to see where you go from here. Well done!