Become a Custodian!


We’re hiring! Come join our team!


Why should you become a custodian?

  • No experience needed
  • Starting pay at $16.35 per hour 
  • Previous custodial experience will increase your pay!
  • Full-time and part-time opportunities available with opportunities to earn extra pay.
  • Morning & evening shifts are available 
  • Paid bi-weekly  
  • Most positions are eligible for Full Benefits including Health, Dental, Vision, Life & Cancer Insurance (Full Benefits only applies to custodians that work 60% or more)
  • Vacation and paid sick leave available  
  • Off all major holidays and work year-round 
  • Year-round custodians only work 238 days out the year
  • Make a difference in a child's educational experience

For more information on Custodian’s Salary Schedules click the link. For Custodian pay per hour click on Annual Operational Personnel on the salary page, then see Rank M (NW13).

Click here to check out opportunities to become a custodian and a part of the Cobb County School District team!