Risk Management Office


Risk Management protects the people and the assets of the Cobb County School District. This is done by Risk Avoidance; i.e. removing old, unsafe playground equipment. It is also done by Risk Transfer; i.e. buying a commercial property insurance policy. Finally, it is also done by Risk Assumption; i.e. being self-insured for vehicle accidents and general liability. For more information, call (770) 426-3357.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between Workers’ Compensation and Group Medical Insurance?

Workers’ Compensation covers an on-the-job injury. Group Medical covers illness/injury while not on the job. It is mandatory for the employee to inform their supervisor of an on the job accident which has caused physical injury to the employee. Workers' Compensation rules, regulations, and its laws are created by the Georgia State Legislature. Group medical benefits cannot be used when it is determined that the injury or exposure arose out of the course and scope of employment. For more information, call (770) 426-3357.

2. What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance is provided to the School District by individuals and groups not affiliated with the School District who request to use its facilities. The certificate provides verification that the individual or group have appropriate liability coverage. When a contractor appears at your site, ask them if they have a certificate or if they have one on file. In addition, if your students are at Fernbank, Sci-tek or a civic center, the facility owner or manager may ask you for a certificate. Call us at least seven days prior to your field trip and we will get you a statement of coverage. Please call (770) 426-3357.

3. What is an auxiliary bus?

Sometimes a field trip requires special transportation other than one of our county school buses – such as for out of state travel. A list of approximately thirty approved vendors is available to all school employees through the Field Trip Management System. These companies have met our guidelines and are available to transport our students and employees. Please call (770) 420-4908.

5. Does the District provide professional liability coverage to staff?

Cobb County School District is self-insured in the area of General Liability. Under the terms of the Self Insurance Plan the District agrees to defend and indemnify employees. The conditions of this coverage are outlined in the Plan.